Enjoying Easter

Baking, cooking, and all the other good stuff.

Happy Easter Sunday! Usually when this time of year comes around it means sunshine, warmer weather, and little pops of spring blossoming almost overnight. Unfortunately, there are still a few grey skies overhead, a temperature close to freezing, and a little bit of snow dusting but that’s beside the point!

A thing I always really loved about growing up right outside of DC because of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Not only did it mean a day off from school (because what kid doesn’t love that) but I got to actually run around and play on the lawn of the most iconic residences in American History! How cool is that!

Each year, my mom and I, alongside my aunt and younger cousin, would head down to 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue for the fun hosted by President and Mrs. Clinton. I’ve collected quite a few of those autographed White House Easter Eggs and have them tucked away for safe keeping.

As I have gotten older, and surpassed the age limit for the beloved White House holiday tradition, one of my favorite past times to enjoy is practiced in the kitchen!

I love to bake and cook and experiment with different foods. Every Easter, I would join my mom or dad or grandma in the kitchen to help with preparing the Sunday Meal and contributed a little sweet treat of my own.

Whether it be extra fudge brownies, or double chocolate chip cookies, or cream cheese frosted carrot cake cupcakes, you want it–I’ll bake it.

My speciality, I have to admit, is simply to die for. It’s a double lemon triple white chocolate cake with a white chocolate cream cheese icing! Talk about delicious!

Something about the subtle burst of lemon, the light airy texture of the cake, the sweet hint of the white chocolate reminds me of the spring time. After first seeing the recipe on Pinterest, I’ve only adapted it to make it my own, cause hey that’s what life is all about.

As the timer on the oven winds down and my cake must be taken out to cool, I have icing to make and some eating to do, a little bit of basketball to see, and maybe just maybe a nap to take, but I hope your Sunday afternoon is full of enjoyment too!

(Image Courtesy of Bobbie’s Baking Blog)


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