Basketball Baby

Syracuse Basketball is the best basketball.

Last night I stayed awake much later than my bedtime watching the highlights from the 2015 NCAA National Tournament Championship Game.

Not as if I hadn’t watched the whole game in its entirety, often pacing the floor and yelling at the refs with passion, I needed to once again see the efforts of the newly crowned champs, the Duke Blue Devils who triumphantly prevailed over the Wisconsin Badgers. From lead changes to blocked shots, three pointers and unsuspected heroes, the game was one that had me in constant attention to my TV. While the call towards the end of the game was a little questionable–actually very questionable– now that the season is over, I’m sure gonna miss college basketball.

As a Syracuse student, being a basketball fan is a given. While growing up in DC, rooting for Georgetown was a must, those years of cheering for the Hoyas became null and void the day I received my SU acceptance letter in the mail. The moment I stepped on campus as a freshman, I knew being part of Otto’s Army was something for me. Legacies of athletic triumph on the Jim Boeheim court in the Carrier Dome here held sacred at SU. Some of those moments have fortunately been a part of my 4 year college experience.

I can remember being a junior in high school watching the historic 6 overtime game between the Orange and the UConn Huskies during the Big East Tournament. I was enthralled from tip-off until final buzzer. After being accepted to the University, I wanted to witness first hand the energetic magnitude of a basketball game. I wanted to feel the same degree of pride orange fans felt after that game.

That one time came last spring, when SU hosted Duke for the first time in the Dome. One of my greatest college memories will forever be being one the 35,446 Orange fans cheering proudly in the Loud House during the overtime victory against the Blue Devils. It was truly electrifying surrounded by people in a sea of orange watching the first of a new rivalry between the teams led by Coach Boeheim and Coach K. I loved having been able to witness great basketball as a student on campus.

Whether it be the annual Midnight Madness festivities, the 2013 Final Four run in Atlanta, or Tyler Ennis’ game winning half court shot against Pitt last year, every memory has been worthwhile.

Even though this season was filled with some controversy and a lot of disappointment, as a forever faithful and an always proud fan, one thing is for sure, Syracuse Basketball Never Stops for those who bleed orange.


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