Crazy about Cards

Stationery Cards that is.

I like to think of myself as more of a collector of colorful card stock. That has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Seeing the bright inviting colors and prints of note cards always keeps me coming back for more. Whether the cards are personalized or generic, I have habit of taking a walk down the aisle of stationery in some of my favorite stores to search for a new set to add to my supply.

But the hard part comes in when trying to find a way to organize it all!

With the need to find a better way to neatly store what I already have–and the cards yet to come–I may have just found a great new system to follow in my recent blog search and skim.

Bubbly Design Co., offered a great DIY project for the perfect way to organize stationery. The concept is so clever for a variety of notecards. It’s especially useful because it’s always nice to take the time to pick out a card, jot down a quick note, and send it off to whomever needs a little personalized love, because a visit from the mailman is so much sweeter than a notification of an email in the inbox.


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