Start to Spring

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sunshine has arrived!

Winter has come and gone, the snow mounds have fallen, boots, winter coats, and heavy scarfs have finally been retired…let the students rejoice!

And that’s kind of what we have been doing for the last two days on the SU campus. Seriously. There has been an influx of people popping out of their warm and secluded nest eggs and finally coming out into the sun and basking in it.

The quad, the center of campus, has been filled with laughter and music, impromptu games of frisbee and football, the occasional tree climber and sunbather, and a paradise to avoid the stress of fast-approaching finals week.

One of favorite college experiences will be hanging out on the quad freshman year with my friends. So vividly I can remember, the week after spring break, enjoying the last 80 degree weather with my friends, friends of friends, and those I had never even known. Between classes, we would find our way to a patchy piece of green on the quad, under a tree for shade if we were lucky, and enjoy the company of one another. The best of times came in trying to avoid becoming a target in the infamous water fight. Armed with water balloons, buckets, and guns, boys ran through groups of people splashing whomever they could. With laptops and cellphones out, let’s just say, had I been water bombed, there would have been a few issues!

To me, this is in part what college is all about. The carefree fun, completely organic, and spontaneously chaotic moments are going to be what I miss most about being a student at SU. I have loved so much of my time On the Hill and while the winters were at times miserable to drudge through to make it to class, I made it through three and half winter’s before I slipped and fell on a patch of ice and around here that’s truly a success.

Now that the spring had FINALLY arrived, it’s time to celebrate–well at least until my allergy symptoms take over!


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