What to Wear

When you literally have nothing–and everything–to wear at the same time.

Saturday was a big day on the Syracuse University campus. While the third round of the NCAA Tournament was being played in the infamous Carrier Dome, a student org–Fashion’s Conscience— held its 11th Annual fashion show.

One word to describe it: fabulous.

With a mix of student and professional designers, the show was a delight to witness. Sitting in the second row, I was up close and personal to all of the evenings’ looks. The theme for the years’ event, Ministry of Monochrome, was fantastic in every way. Head to toe looks varying in one color solidly styled to perfection, the collections were worthy of nothing but applause.

But I had a major dilemma prior to the show starting. I couldn’t figure out what to wear!

I searched through my closet and dresser drawers, throwing clothes all over my bed with not a clue of what to do or where to start. I tried on dresses and skirts, pants and jeans, sweaters and blouses, blazers and tops. After trying on the widest array of combinations, I finally found a look that I was not only comfortable in but I also thought I looked pretty darn cute.

Something I love when trying on clothes is creating outfit that I would have never thought to try in the first place but seems so obvious in the end.

I wanted to keep it simple with an oversized black blazer that I stole from my mom. (She doesn’t know I have it with me at school so don’t tell her!) I did have to cut out the shoulder pads as it is definitely a product of the 90s.

Paired with my favorite J.Crew jeans, the skinny distressed denim is one of the most comfortable pair of pants that I own. The part of the look that made me most excited were my statement shoes with a pop of color. They are so cute, comfy, and I got a never ending stream of compliments.

I had to borrow some words from one of my blogs, The Everygirl, as my look came together with a statement shoe.

“Accessories are the punctuation of an outfit and sometimes your outfit needs an exclamation point…statement shoes pack a punch and can elevate an outfit of neutral basics to a fashion statement without being too overwhelming.”

You can definitely say there was a the perfect punch of punctuation in the pop of color of my shoe on a chilly and sun shining Saturday afternoon.